Richard III found in Leicester shocker!


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Well hang on a second. Did you know that now is the winter of our debate over that notorious villain and maverick monarch Richard III? Perhaps you didn't - in which case be thankful that IV Drip has scoured the internet to find evidence that Richard's remains may indeed have been found in... Leicester. This doesn't come from the bedroom of some Leicestershire-based blogger; rather, it comes from the paper of Woodward and Bernstein. Golly.

Here's a flavour: "Underneath a drab parking lot 90 miles northwest of London, archaeologists have unearthed what may become one of this nation’s finds of the century — half-a-millennium-old bones thought to be the remains of the long-lost monarch. But if the discovery has touched off a feverish round of DNA tests against his closest living descendants, it has also lurched to the surface a series of burning questions in a country where even arcane points of history are disputed with the gusto of modern-day politics."