Royal baby: Do the royals live up to their star signs?


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Do you believe in Horoscopes?

As the Duchess of Cambridge goes into labour there's been some discussion as to which star sign the royal baby will be.

If he/she is born before 4.54pm today, they will be a Cancer, but a Leo if born afterwards.

So which star sign are the other royals - and do they live up to their nature?

Here are some royal star signs, with descriptions from

  • Prince William (and Princess Diana), Cancer: They have powerful emotions, making them loyal friends and romantic lovers. But they can be over sensitive and take offence easily. Watch out for their moody side.
  • Prince Harry, Virgo: Practical and industrious workers but very shy and modest. Sometimes said they are too conservative. (An ongoing problem with Harry...)
  • Kate Middleton, Capricorn: They have a pessimistic attitude to life, a slight lack of confidence, but lots of common sense, patience and a good sense of humour.
  • Prince Philip, Gemini: They are great communicators and enjoy talking and socialising. But they're also restless and easily bored.
  • Elizabeth II, Taurus: They enjoy creature comforts and the finer things in life and so are often accused of being materialistic. Reliable and ambitious, but can also be hot-headed and stubborn.
  • And if the royal baby is a Leo? They have strength and courage, are generous and protective, and an optimistic, enthusiastic, outlook on life. But they can also have big egos too, and can come across as bossy.