SB.TV founder Jamal Edwards calls for youth revolution


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As the debate surrounding lowering the voting age highlighted, young people get a bad rep when it comes to civic involvement.

Jamal Edwards, 21-year-old entrepreneur, founder of SB.TV Global and youth activist thinks differently. "Politicians always assume that young people don't have a valid opinion. That they're not interested in decision-making, or politics, or the way the country is run. Well they are. And I am. And I see how much young people care every day of my life."

Edwards had launched a new scheme, Create the Debate with a view to getting young people's voices heard on the key issues of the day. In collaboration with T4 and BBCThree, he's made a series of videos on these key issues and hopes that they will be watched throughout the country. "We're not calling for every secondary school in the country to watch the videos and hold a debate with their students. We've got packs for teachers and lesson plans for Key Stage 3, 4 and 5. It's a big ask, I know. But revolutions are just that. Big."