Sinister Osborne will haunt your nightmares


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It seems the most sinister picture of George Osborne to date has emerged.

Snapped squinting outside a cafe in Bedford, his mouth stretched into an ominous grimace, the Chancellor treated the diners of the Chiff-Chaff Café to an extra dollop of Tory with their morning cuppa.

It was merely a misleading moment caught on camera for unfortunate Osborne, his expression of foreboding a distortion of the camera’s shutter.

Or was it? IV drip have taken a quick flick through the annals of our photo library and discovered sinister Osborne can be found lurking in background of many a factory, a dinner event or a laboratory.

Perhaps the clue was in his speech about those families ‘with their blinds pulled down’. Contrary to his suggestion, perhaps they were not on benefits, but had merely clocked a lurking sinister Osborne.


What do you reckon?