Steve Richards in conversation with... Ed Balls


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The Labour conference begins this weekend and with it continues The Independent's series of fringe meetings sponsored by the RSA Group. Having interviewed Vince Cable last week, our esteemed political columnist Steve Richards will on Monday 23rd be sitting down with shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls.

The last few month have seen Labour's economic strategy questioned as the economy returns to growth. Ed Balls will have to convince voters that Labour can plot a different course to the Tories, lessening the burden austerity has loaded on the poor, while maintaining economic credibility after the boom-and-bust years of Gordon Brown.

This is your opportunity to steer the conversation around these topics or other areas you would like to hear the shadow Chancellor explore. Please submit any questions you'd like to be considered for inclusion in the Q&A in the comments section below.

The Independent Fringe Meetings are sponsored by RSA