Suspected clown paedophile in band called The Core Of Your Nightmares


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A man who dresses up as a blood-covered clown has been arrested and charged with both sexual child abuse and producing child pornography to share on the internet.

The 31-year-old who calls himself Vlad is said to have taken inappropriate pictures of himself engaged in a sex act with a child.

Officials believe he has abused the child several times in the last two years.

His Facebook page states he’s a drummer in the band The Core of Your Nightmares, but the other members have insisted they knew nothing of his alleged activity.

A friend his wrote on Facebook that he 'always kept his life private'.

Continuing, 'I've known Vlad for eight years and would have never expected him to do this'.

'We are all shocked...I know if we thought for a second he was doing this we would have put a stop to it.'