The love that lasted a lifetime and the photos that prove it


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Twenty-three year-old Colleen Muldoon and her family have always been proud of her grandparents marriage, and since two special photos capturing their love were posted on Reddit, more than a million strangers have also been moved.

James and Lauretta Burke met just after World War II, when a neighbour introduced them. Their 64-year marriage produced nine children, 23 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. "On each of his daughters' wedding days, he [James Burke] would say the greatest thing you can do is to never stop loving your children's mother," Colleen Muldoon told the Huffington Post.

James Burke passed away on November 13th this year, at the age of 87 and used his last moments to write a will ensuring the best possible care for his wife's Alzheimer's. "He said he was going home, and that he would see us all again."