The price of virginity? $780,000 (or $3,000, if you're a man)


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We reported earlier this month on the case of Catarina Migliorini, a 20-year-old Brazilian woman who decided to auction off her virginity as part of a proposed documentary by Australian filmmaker Justin Sisley.

Well, the winning bid has now been revealed; a Japanese man, of unknown age, known as "Natsu" has offered $780,000, and been accepted.

The event will take place aboard a plane flying from Australian to the US, in order to circumvent prostitution laws, and both participants will undergo examinations prior to boarding. "Natsu" will be tested for STDs, while Migliorini will have to prove her virginity with a physical examination.

Meanwhile, Migliorini's male counterpart, Alex Stepanov has been snapped up for $3,000 by a woman from Brazil, referred to as "Nene B.".

Legal? Sort of. Safe? Possibly. Depressing and deeply creepy? Absolutely, yes.