The secret to finding love online? Data, apparently


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Over on Mashable there's an essential read for those struggling to find love online, as Amy Webb shares her secret for going from largely overlooked on JDate, a Jewish match-making site, to being one of the site's most popular profiles. The key? A mixture of espionage and mathematics.

Webb - a digital strategy expert - used her understanding of algorithims to crack JDate's system and "SEO" her profile, eventually leading to a hook-up with her future husband.

She also did a spot of catfishing; posing as a man and analysing the profiles of the most popular women for patterns. The crucial lesson was simple. Don't overshare. 97 words was the average "resume length" of top site users' - and they tended to wait 22 to 23 hours before responding to messages.

A more obvious tip, says Webb, show a little skin...