Theories about the assassination of JFK


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50 years after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas by an unknown gunman, we look into some of the more outlandish conspiracy theories that have arisen since his death.

Jackie Kennedy shot JFK

This theory is based on a film shot by a civilian, Abraham Zapruder, in which Jackie is apparently seen to lean forward just as her husband is hit, with something in her hand. Many people maintain that Jackie was the only person at the correct angle for the bullet trajectory, saying that she had the most to gain for Kennedy’s death.


JFK knew too much…

The Roswell alien theory is a conspiracy in itself, but the two interlink to form one giant story involving the ‘True Rulers of the Universe’. According to theorists, Kennedy discovered the ‘truth’ about Roswell, aliens and everything that the government doesn't want you to know. Despite being the President, that fact didn't stop the government allegedly assassinating the President for his extra-terrestrial knowledge.


Baseball legend gets his revenge

Joe DiMaggio was apparently convinced that the Kennedy’s were responsible for the death of his ex-wife, Marilyn Monroe, for knowing too much about President Kennedy’s dark side. Some believe that he hired killers to shoot JFK, some even going so far as to suggest that DiMaggio was the one who hired Oswald.


The Three Tramps theory

Soon after the assassination, photographers caught three tramps being arrested by the police not far from the scene. These images have sparked some of the most common JFK conspiracies out there, even inspiring the 1991 film JFK by Oliver Stone. It’s been suggested that the three unidentified men could have been CIA operatives, petty criminals and even the father of Woody Harrelson, a convicted hit man, was said to be among the trio.


JFK was murdered by a figure skater in 1970

In the most outlandish theory of them all, author Robert Urbanek implicates figure skater Tonya Harding as the woman responsible for the death of President Kennedy. In a bizarre and fantastical take on the assassination, Urbanek claims Harding is the reincarnation of Lee Hardy Oswald and her fellow figure skater Nancy Kerrigan (who Harding viciously attacked in 1994) was JFK in his next life.