Thomson worker tells customer who complained about her holiday to 'shut the f*** up'


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The customer is always right. Or so they say...

One Thomson worker forgot the classic mantra when they sent a series of rather rude emails to someone who had booked a holiday with them - and dared to make a complaint.

Gemma Fish spent over £3,000 on a holiday to Mexico with her fiancé but was disappointed with the small room they were given.

When she complained to Thomson, the reply apparently came from a member of the customer service team and read:

"Gemma do u really think we give a ****? Because we dont so shut the **** up with ur moaning and book with Thomas Cook coz we dont want ur custom lol and the hotel have said u r one MOANING bitch’"

She was also then told that her rep "really won't give a s***" and again, that she should've booked with the competition.

Next time, we're sure she will.