Twitter Reaction: Alex Ferguson retires as Man Utd manager


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Alex Ferguson has just announced his retirment after 27 years as the manager of Manchester United. Here's what Twitter's saying...

@jackwhitehall: It must have come as such a shock to all the people that work for him at the club. Poor Howard Webb. #FergieRetires

@FootyHumour: Man Utd fans be like...

@ajhumurray:KlassMyleene: Shooting something top secret and amazing today. *pinches self*” you're the new Man Utd manager?

@Okwonga: Sir Alex Ferguson and Johan Cruyff *must* be pundits together. They would be the Lemmon and Matthau of football

@tom_watson: In honour of Sir Alex Ferguson, I hope Ed gives David Cameron the hairdryer at the Queen's Speech debate today.

@MichaelRosenYes: Am a massive Alex Ferguson fan today. Go gettem, Alex. #gooner

@SeftGB: Everyone who hates Ferguson and is happy at his departure, doesn't appreciate football. #realTalk

@squ1dge: @charlesarthur funniest heard so far "1st Thatcher dies, then Ferguson retires. s/where there's a Scouser with a lamp and one wish left."