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IV Drip

Twitter reacts to Eddie Mair's ‘monstering’ of Boris Johnson on the Marr Show


#BorisJohnson is trending, but the Mayor won't be happy about it...

@Gabyhinsliff: This is going to be one of Eddie mair's quiet but deadly interviews.

@Mehdi Hasan: Boris keeps looking off camera...to his press man? This is superb TV - I want to watch, I want to look away.

@OwenJones84: And here's *that* Boris Johnson interview http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21916385 … Cleaners at the Beeb are still mopping him off the walls

@TimMontgomerie: Oh dear. That was car crash TV for Boris Johnson. He needs to have better answers.

@TheSundayPeople: This could be career ending. Boris Johnson has a Michael Howard moment with Eddie Mair, it's a must see

@soniapurnell: Hurrah for Eddie Mair. At last at last at LAST a broadcaster attempts to hold Boris Johnson to account!

@JasonGroves1: Dismantling of Boris Johnson by Eddie Mair is reminder he doesn't just hv skeletons in cupboard - he's got a walk-in wardrobe full

@mrianleslie: Eddie Mair interview with Boris Johnson as good as everyone's saying. (Johnson sounds hungover, no?)

@rjamesjones: Oddest thing about Mair's destruction of Boris is that he's had years to come up w decent answers to these questions