Union J vs One Direction


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If you haven't even heard of One Direction yet, give up. It's too late and you're old. There's another X-Factor-birthed pop phenomenon on the block and they've already got enough squealing fans to be trending on Twitter.

They are Josh, JJ, George and Jaymi. Together, they are: Union J!

George was a late addition to the band foisted on them by the ruthless money-making algorithms of the record industry - hence the band name not taking account of his initial. Luckily, being a cherub-faced, angel-voiced pubescent, George already fits right in.

According to the teen pop website Sugarscape.com there is much to discuss "We've debated who is fittest, we've discussed what the boys would look like in nothing but their undercrackers, and we've pondered whether George Shelly really IS the lovechild of Harry Styles and Liam Payne."