US preacher blames Sandy on homosexuals


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Nowadays your lunatic preachers aren't limited to carrying placards around city streets - they can publish all their thoughts on a blog.  Before Hurricane Sandy hammered into the East Coast last night, evangelist John Mcternan heralded it on his as a work of God - punishment for both candidates being "pro-homosexual and behind the homosexual agenda".

Mcternan's blog quickly went viral, as readers picked up on his claims that far from being extreme weather, Sandy was "the Holy God of Israel systematically destroying America right before our eyes".

Mcternan also wades into foreign policy with a claim that "Obama is 100 percent behind the Muslim Brotherhood which has vowed to destroy Israel and take Jerusalem".

After hundreds contacted him in outrage, he posted a qualification: "I am not saying this super destructive hurricane was because of the homosexual act...what I am saying is the judgment is for the government promoting homosexual 'marriage' as an ordinance."

Mcternan has a history of blaming extreme weather events on homosexuality - he said the same of Hurricane Isaac.