Vending machines for weed?


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Now Washington and Colorado have elected to legalize marijuana, how are citizens to pick up their weed? MedBox think they have the solution. Vending machines. And if their recent stock boom is anything to go by, they could well be right.

The company, which makes vending machines for hospitals, has seen its stock price rise 3000 per cent after the 2012 election.

According to Mashable the company's success is down to the fact it's primed to "swoop in and fill the needs of the pharmacy, smoke shop, and gas station that may want to start selling legal marijuana."

But investors should be wary, said MedBox CEO Dr Bruce Bedrick. This stock inflation is based on nothing more than a  popular hunch, perhaps just a dream, of being able one day to pick up a spliff with your snickers. The prototype hasn't even been made. Yet...