Video: Mitt Romney's bin man dishes the dirt


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In a rebuke to Mitt Romney's now notorious comments on the 47 per cent of Americans he sees as scroungers, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) have released a video.

It features Richard Hayes, the San Diego sanitation worker who services Romney's multi-million pound mansion home in La Jolla (the one with the lift for cars) reminding Romney of his contribution to society."We're kind of like the invisible people," says Hayes. "He doesn't realise the service we provide".

The anger over what many see as Romney's most-telling pre-election gaffe shows little signs of abating. As Jonathan Capehart writes in The Washington Post, "That the multimillionaire Republican presidential nominee could articulate such a stinging view of his lessers makes me wonder why he's want tobe president of the "100 per cent" at all, as he now claims."