Video: Winslet's winning audition


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19-year-old Kate Winslet's screen-test for Titanic has been unearthed, but where's DiCaprio?

The star of the film which won 11 Oscars back in 1997 can be seen in a screen test with Jeremy Sisto (you may remember him from the "Rollin With my Homies" scene in Clueless).

She was reportedly up against Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston for the part of Rose DeWitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio beat Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey to the role of Jack Dawson.

Director James Cameron said:

"A 19-year-old girl who was going to carry a film of that scale on her shoulders, it's a huge responsibility. You're standing on set surrounded by 2,000 extras and all the lights and cameras are pointed at you. If you don't pull it off, it doesn't work. A lot of people would have imploded at that, but she didn't."

We can't imagine anyone else could've done it better. What do you think?