WATCH: Hilarious clips of celebrities reading 50 Shades of Grey


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Whoever came up with the Top 10 list of celebrities reading sections of 50 Shades of Grey REALLY knows what makes the internet tick. It's gold-dust. (So thank you, Flavourwire's Emily Temple.)

Will Ferrel and Zach Galifianakis stumble through a duet in prim style,  above, backed by seductive jazz saxophone.

Fans of 90s shoot-'em-up Duke Nukem will also be delighted by the rendition of voice actor Jon St. John, whose gravel-throated accent is more often employed to utter threats at invading alien life-forms.



And any 50 Shades performance line-up should give honourable mention to the 50 different accents of impressionist Brock Baker - self-styled "Man of a Kajillion Voices". Mickey Mouse has never sounded quite so, erm, excited.


The full Top 10 can be found here.