‘We can hear you having sex’: Passive-aggressive Wi-Fi network names


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Fed up of hearing your neighbours making love loudly? Let them know via your Wi-Fi network name.

The trend is growing in the UK, apparently, and Reddit users have posted a collection of amusing ones.

Other examples include 'stop slamming the door!!!', 'Shut The Barking Dog Up No 7' and 'Stop Stealing My Paper!'.

Another obvious irritation which is clear to see is when neighbours use Wi-Fi without permission - but instead of making it password protected, some have taken to changing their Wi-Fi name to get the message across for them:

'Covet not thy neighbour's wi-fi'.

So if you've got a complaint to make to the Johnsons at Number 42, avoid the awkward face-to-face interaction, and simply let them know via the web...

If you've got any unusual Wi-Fi names, let us know below.