We salute you, Homework Boy


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All kids hate homework, right?

Maybe repeating that too-cool-for-school myth is just the problem. Some children know that homework is given for a reason - to help them succeed.

One boy felt the effects of a school that was labelled "inadequate" by Ofsted inspectors, who said themselves teaching was "mediocre" and "many lessons lack challenge".

So what should a student do if they're not getting the education they deserve? Tell the headteacher. Then Ofsted. Perhaps even the local council.

And when still nothing's done? Protest. And that's what he did, taking 40 pupils with him.

School chiefs apparently responded by excluding him from classes for two days. Good job, chief! Take the kid who wants more homework away from lessons.

So 14 year-old Aaron Parfitt from Bispham High School, we salute your bravery and tenacity.

You'll go far.