We so excited? Rebecca Black releases new single ‘Saturday’


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It's been two years since Rebecca Black took over the internet with her single 'Friday'.

Over 60 million views on YouTube and one million Twitter followers later, she's bravely back, with new single...'Saturday'.

Like it or loathe it, Rebecca's certainly willing to take the mickey out of herself, with 'so excited' written in sand, and lyrics such as:

"Yesterday was Friday. Today is Saturday."

You have to give it to her, she knows her s**t when it comes to days of the week.

In another nod to the heavily mocked lyrics of 'Friday', she's also seen eating cereal with the words 'gotta have my bowl' written on the side.

The video has already amassed nearly 3.5 million views on YouTube since posting yesterday.

So what do you think?