Weasel words won't stop Ahmadinejad getting his bomb


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Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips has long warned that efforts to stop Iran getting a nuclear bomb are coming to nought. As she writes today: "[Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu has resorted to talking over Obama’s head to the American people. Quite right—the American people should be made aware that, faced with arguably its most threatening enemy since Hitler, the Jewish people is being abandoned once again by an American president who, if returned to office for a second term, might deal an utterly fateful blow against the free world."

And she concludes: "Sickeningly, faced with a deranged Judeophobic regime bent on genocide, the Jewish people finds itself at its moment of greatest danger, and despite the weasel words of support from the feeble and faithless allies on which it is forced to depend, once again where it really counts entirely alone."