Were fans goo-goo for Gaga at iTunes festival?


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Lady Gaga opened the iTunes festival in Camden last night with a set of entirely new music.

She took to the stage to debut songs from her new album ArtPop, following recent controversy when Perez Hilton tweeted about her single 'Applause' flopping and she accused him of stalking her.

So, what did the critics have to say about her comeback performance?

The Independent's India Ross said:

"The Gaga experience, rather like a dress made from meat, was never going to stay fresh forever...Her ability as a singer is formidable, but musically, she is less inventive than her wardrobe would suggest...Gaga has sparked a movement which cheapens and commodifies the very boundary-pushing she stands for; she has diluted herself as both an artist and a brand."

Alexis Petridis in the Guardian said:

"She claims it's her dream that "art and pop should come together" as if she's the first person in history to think of linking the two, which research suggests isn't actually the case. Still, she can certainly claim originality in her presentation."

Joanne Dorken at MTV said:

"From her quirky English accent to throwing pig toys into the audience, Lady G's set oozed personality as she told the story of each of her new tunes, allowing the crowd to familiarise themselves with her new music."

Andre Paine at the Evening Standard said:

"Arriving almost 30 minutes late for a show streaming live globally on iTunes, Gaga appeared in black wig and ninja-style costume, brandishing a knife...The precision pop of 'Applause' was almost demure in comparison, a familiar finale to this dizzying, sometimes arduous, comeback."

And here's what the fans had to say: