What next for Prince William's career now that Kate Middleton is pregnant?


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In that highly reputable source of royal scoops, Now magazine, an interesting story popped up several hours ago. It suggested that Kate Middleton was concerned about the impact that Prince William's career would have on their family. Was this the first hint, perchance, that news would reach us of her pregnancy? The headline tells you plenty: "Kate Middleton begs Prince William: Don't let the military drive us apart". And check out what a royal source says too.

Here it is from Now: "A source adds: 'When they got hitched, Wills made a commitment to Kate that they'd be together no matter what happened. 'They also agreed to start a family next year. 'If Wills stays with the RAF then Kate will essentially be living in the Palace alone. 'She won't stand for him being away while she raises a baby. She has no intention of living on her own in London while he's hundreds of miles from her in Wales."

Oh right. So that bit about starting a family next year isn't quite right. Still, credit to Now for giving us an early hint.