Why you shouldn't buy the iPhone 5


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Today's expected iPhone 5 announcement is generating the usual hysteria among Apple fans - but one man who won't be joining is Forbes's Robert Hof.

And Hof gives five reasons why everybody should just calm down, starting with:

"1. It probably won't be revolutionary:  I know–blasphemy! The many leaks of what the new one will look like and the way it will work indicate the new iPhone will, of course, be thinner and faster and sport a bigger screen. So what else is new?

And think about the last time. The iPhone 4S had Siri, the voice assistant that was supposed to revolutionize the way we interact with devices and, oh, by the way, kill Google search. It did neither (though ask me again in a few years, as Siri no doubt steadily improves).

Anyway, let’s face it, smartphones in their current incarnation may not get much better fundamentally."