'X Factor' for sheep is a ratings hit in Senegal


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In the fourth year of the show in which sheep compete for the top spot, Khar Bii, which translates as This Sheep, features a cross-country search for Senegal's most perfect sheep.

Finalists from each region in the West African nation are chosen and compete to win two million francs, and the animals are judged on their composure, size, and appearance.

Speaking to Associated Press, Abou Aziz Mare said: 'Some people love cats, some people love dogs. Here we have sheep.'

The 27-year-old, who spends three to four hours a day on his terrace with his sheep, added: 'I live with him like a close friend.'

Unlike The X Factor however, the sheep don't come with sob stories about how they've been suffering from a bad cold, or how one of their grandparents didn't love them enough.

The fluffy contestants are also said to dislike Simon Cowell, due to his penchant for sheep placenta facials.