‘You didn't see them taping you’ Twitter warns of hacking as passwords are changed


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Ever received a direct message on Twitter warning that somebody's been gossiping about you, or that you didn't see them filming? 

It's reportedly a security breach on Twitter, and to counteract the breach thousands of people and organisations received emails from Twitter warning them that their account may have been hacked.

After the huge phishing attack on its users on Wednesday night, Twitter updated users saying that they'd reset user passwords:

"We’re committed to keeping Twitter a safe and open community. As part of that commitment, in instances when we believe an account may have been compromised, we reset the password and send an email letting the account owner know this has happened along with information about creating a new password. "

So if you get a direct message from your boss saying that "You should know what they've been saying about you", try not to worry  - although people at work might actually be talking about you - the message is extremely unlikely to be real - but you might want to avoid clicking on it and change your password.