You shouldn't pee on a jellyfish sting like in ‘Friends’ - and other medical myths


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We all remember the episode when Monica, Chandler and Joey head to the beach. Monica gets stung by a jellyfish and to ease her pain Chandler urinates on her leg. And thus a worldwide health lesson was learned.

But now, with an unexpected boom in the number of jellyfish swarming around our coasts, the British Red Cross have issued a very different warning:

Don’t pee on a jellyfish sting.

They've warned beach-goers not to believe “the old myth”, and that a better treatment would be to pour seawater or vinegar over the sting.

So what else do we think we should do in a crisis that won't help?

A cup of coffee will help sober you up

Sorry folks, if you find your friend blind drunk and want to sober them up it's unlikely a coffee will help at all. Although it's a stimulant and alcohol is a sedative, it has no effect on the amount of alcohol in the blood.

Follow the Five-Second Rule

You've made a delicious sandwich, and just as you're about to take that first tantalising bite, you drop it on the floor. But pick it up quick enough and it'll be good as new, right? Wrong. Bacteria is picked up immediately, and rinsing with water won't fully get rid it.

Starve a fever; feed a cold

You've heard the myth: if you're feeling all delirious with fever - lay off the biscuits, and if you've got a cold - stuff your face. But there isn't really any evidence to suggest this works. Listen to your doctor's advice; get some rest and drink plenty of fluids.