Your new favourite song? ‘Losing You’ by Solange


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It might require some pretty far out IVF advancements, but Matthew Knowles and Tina Knowles are going to have to produce some more offspring. For the good of humanity. All of the ones they've had so far have turned out marvellously.

Solange, Beyonce Knowles' younger, slightly hipper sister has released a single that's currently blowing the socks of the internet. 'Losing You' is a mournful yet oddly uplifting plea to a soon-to-be-ex boyfrined produced by Britain's own Dev Hynes aka Lightspeed Champion aka Blood Orange aka the 49th coolest person in rock circa 2007.

The video, which was shot on location in Cape Town, includes some serious moves. You may want to copy some of these on your next night out.