Leading article: Bad manners

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Offended by some breach of motorway etiquette, a driver leaps from his Land Rover and stabs the offender through the heart. That is not how the people who drive Land Rovers used to behave. To this extent, Dr Digby Anderson, of the Social Affairs Unit, is right. Manners are declining.

So what's the solution from the Digby School of Etiquette? Polish your shoes - it will teach you self-discipline. Urinate only in public toilets marked "Ladies," or "Gentlemen" (never Men or Women). As for dress codes: no suits in supermarkets, no tracksuits on trains, and no denim jeans anywhere.

Doesn't Digby realise that so much outfit changing requires the clean clothes and free time that only an unpaid wife can facilitate? Such desirable creatures are now as rare as common sense in a Social Affairs Unit pamphlet.