LEADING ARTICLE: Some home truths on immigration

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SIR ANDREW Green, the head of Migrationwatch, ought to take a look around him. He might be surprised at what he sees. Sir Andrew can often be found in television studios and the pages of right-wing newspapers making dark prophesies about the dangers of immigration. His latest contribution was a loathsome (and erroneous) study of the phenomenon of "white flight" in London. He also mentioned casually in an interview with The Spectator recently that there are no immigrants among his neighbours in the Oxfordshire village of Deddington.

But when The Independent went to this lovely corner of England, we discovered representatives of no fewer than 13 different nationalities there. All were employed and happily settled.

Perhaps Sir Andrew never visits his local school, or pub or hospital. Perhaps the newcomers are so well integrated that he did not realise they were immigrants. But whatever the reason for Sir Andrew's ignorance, the episode shows what a valuable contribution immigrants make, and will continue to make, to our communities. It is just a pity Sir Andrew seems unable to see it.