Lertter: Please allow Sir Cliff to have a moment of informal fun

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Sir: What a bunch of prissy buttock-clenchers you all are! Cliff Richard's so called "sing song" ("Making a racket at Wimbledon", 4July) was an impromptu concert prompted by a BBC commentator, and encouraged by an international audience. Far from being a nation of "cheery losers" Sir Cliff was joined by a phalanx of cheerful tennis players from around the world who entertained a Centre Court who might otherwise have gone home just wet and miserable.

Don't put Cliff down just because he responded in a friendly way having been put on the spot. I bet you would have enjoyed putting him down more if he had refused to sing, and then you could have written an even longer editorial about prissy, ageing buttock-clenching rock stars.


Sevenoaks, Kent