Let the PM be heard

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Sir: I am writing at 9.45pm on Monday 3 April in a rage at being prevented from watching the Prime Minister of Great Britain being interviewed on Panorama. It has been pronounced illegal for this programme to be shown in Scotland, as the interview may influence local council elections to be held in three days' time.

I would like to make the following points: I live in the North- east of England - not Scotland - but our television transmissions also cover parts of Scotland, so some Scottish people might see the interview should it be transmitted in the North-east - in effect, we are also banned from seeing it.

I deeply resent being prevented from watching a legally shown programme in England given by the Prime Minister of the realm who might well be talking about subjects of greater, and more international, importance than those that govern the pettiness of local party politics.

I consider this incident to be a major infringement of the liberty of the individual.

Yours faithfully,


Anick, Northumberland

4 April