Letter: A bit back to front over Labour embracing capitalism

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PETER KELLNER writes a skilfully crafted article ('John Smith has a mountain to climb', 19 July) appealing for the Labour Party to embrace capitalism. Obviously he had not read the front page of the paper he writes for, which informs us that the 'recovery' is over. What an indictment of capitalism]

Kellner tells us that only capitalism brings freedom of choice and prosperity. What choice, for example, is offered by the gas, electric and water companies?

No, it is going to take a long time until people demand 'real' socialism. When the countries of the former Soviet Union emerge from their chaos they will discover the very thing they are fighting for is just another illusion.

We have just witnessed the effrontery of the Telethon, the real face of Conservatism: non-taxation society becomes donation society. When our public services collapse or are privatised, we shall see the true cost of the anti-collective approach.

Peter Woodcock

Glastonbury, Somerset