Letter: A cathedral for cash registers

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Sir: I am glad that Jonathan Glancey's article has provoked a response from Michael Saward, the Canon Treasurer, but he has not justified the charge to visitors: there is no 'positive and adequate provision for them'. For example, the taking of photographs, even without flash, is strictly forbidden, presumably to boost the cathedral's coffers by the sale of photographs. The extortionate entrance charge - up to pounds 10 for a family - cannot be anything other than a discouragement.

The Canon Treasurer does not address the fact that the cathedral is full of souvenir shops selling all manner of kitsch, something I have always thought Jesus discouraged. The shops could, incidentally, quite easily be situated outside the cathedral, on the north side; the Corporation of London should consider this as a use for Paternoster Square.

Yours faithfully,


London, N2

7 August