Letter: A civilised sort of queue at the Proms

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Sir: As a regular Promenader for several years, I feel it is necessary to defend the Great British queue's reputation in view of your article 'Last post for the Proms queue jumpers' (9 February).

The Promenaders have for several years had a system whereby people who join the queue early sign their names on a list. This system was introduced in order to prevent people from arriving early with a pile of coats and saving places for friends.

It also enables Promenaders to enjoy their day, as they can sit in comfort on the grass, or on the foot of the statue, or under the covered area if it is wet. They can wander about the queue area to socialise without being confined to one spot of pavement all day, or leave the queue for short, clearly defined, periods.

One suspects that the very people who have arrived later in the day and, ignoring all the procedures explained clearly on the notice by the lamp-post, then protested that they were not in front, may be the same people who would abuse a traditional queue. All the Promenaders I know agree that the present system is fair and civilised. My young children and their friends have often come away from a day at the Proms describing the queue as 'the best bit'.

Yours faithfully,




9 February