Letter: A clear view of St Paul's

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From Mr C. M. Bouck-Standen

Sir: The recent correspondence regarding the proposed redevelopment of Paternoster Square reminds me of the comments of my late mother, who worked at a bookshop in Paternoster Row in the Thirties.

She described the shop as a rat-infested hell-hole which was frequented by clergymen who came to the shop for a free read. She considered that the Germans had done us all a favour by reducing the shops to rubble.

Her point was, of course, that a picturesque and pleasing exterior sometimes hides an internal slum. My personal view is that nothing that is built there can complement the cathedral - certainly not another array of classical buildings. The area should be cleared and a park created with pedestrian access only, allowing a full view of Wren's triumph.

Yours faithfully,

C. M. Bouck-Standen



17 January