LETTER : A crown for the currency

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From Mr Matthew Blackstaffe

Sir: Further to the discussion about a name for the European currency unit may I put in my ha'pennyworth? How about calling it the "Crown"? All the member states either have, or once had, a royal family of some description.

Even those countries that forceably removed their kings and queens still retain the historic royal accoutrements in state museums, and each country could have a coin depicting their particular state crown, or one with a more historic meaning. Alternatively, the coins could use a generic design of a crown which would avoid any particular xenophobic problems.

However, whatever name is finally decided on, the general public will find a better one. I am reliably informed that in the East End of London, a pound coin is sometimes known as a "Thatcher", because it is small, brassy and thinks it is a sovereign.

Yours faithfully,


London, SE27

19 April