LETTER: A deal for Delia

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From Ms Dolores O'Donoghue

Sir: Delia Smith recipes are not only "lying all around the place" (Miles Kington: "Fancy a little Delia, rechauffee?", 11 January), they are also invading The Archers.

Phil Archer (who, to the best of my knowledge, has never even made a cup of coffee) has suddenly taken up cookery and has been enthusiastically discussing Delia Smith recipes with Nelson Gabriel. Poor old Uncle Tom has flown Brookfield in search of plain food.

Archers addicts are being "fed" recipes on a nightly basis. Phil has even toddled into the village shop to buy English pudding rice - telling Betty how it can be substituted for paella rice (as per Winter Collection).

This couldn't have anything to do with plugging the BBC Delia Smith Winter Collection books - could it?


Dolores O'Donoghue

Morden, Surrey

12 January