Letter: A Don who could belong to Glasgow

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Sir: I read with interest Edward Seckerson's review of the new Glyndebourne production of Mozart's Don Giovanni ('A catalogue of unspeakable acts', 12 July). The last time elements of this audience voiced noisy disapproval also involved a Mozart piece - Peter Sellars' version of Die Zauberflote. When this production came to Glasgow in 1990, however, it received an enthusiastic welcome at the Theatre Royal.

Director Deborah Warner will, I hope, take heart from this precedent. An imaginative treatment of a much-loved Mozart masterpiece, even if controversial, may find a more sympathetic reception from a different audience.

Perhaps Ms Warner should persuade Glyndebourne Touring Opera to take her Don Giovanni into its repertoire. I even live in hope that she might measure the reaction of the opera lovers of Glasgow against the louts of Glyndebourne.

Yours faithfully,



12 July