Letter: A few more highways and byways to mental well-being

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ANGELA Neustatter omits to mention C G Jung, a contemporary of Freud's who went on to develop his view of analysis which he named analytical psychology. This is internationally recognised and has a particularly large following in Britain.

Jungian analysts play a major role in the analytic and therapeutic world. Many work in the NHS and are involved in teaching and research. Jung's work suggests that the human psyche, like the body, it is capable of self-healing. Symptoms therefore have creative, symbolic purpose. Of equal importance is Jung's concept of the collective unconscious which is vital in helping to bridge human psychology and the diversity of modern culture.

The C G Jung Clinic provides analysis for those who cannot otherwise afford it. Generally,Jungian analysts charge pounds 25-pounds 40 per session.

Cathy Kaplinsky

The Society of Analytical Psychology, London NW3