LETTER: A film without sex and violence

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From Mr David Elstein

Sir: On Wednesday, you covered the Broadcasting Standards Council's annual press conference ("TV warned against the temptation to be tacky", 12 July). The BSC's chairman, Lady Howe, made a reference to pornographic channels (nothing to do with Sky) available on satellite. Your reporter implicates Sky in this matter by referring to a Sky Movies film, broadcast at 3.45am on Thursday, entitled The Most Beautiful Breasts in the World.

As it happens, this film is a 13-minute German comedy that involves no sex, violence or otherwise notable material. The only "breasts" visible in the film are plastic ones that appear on a man's chest, to illustrate the way society regards some women.

Yours faithfully,

David Elstein

Head of Programming


Isleworth, Middlesex

13 July