Letter: A generation on the margins of politics

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Sir: The TUC's report on young workers confirms some of the findings of recent Industrial Society research ("Only two in five of young plan to vote", 22 August). While young people are often hopeful about their own prospects, they are pessimistic about the future for young people generally. "Thatcher's children" - despite their focus on individual needs - have a strong sense of collective responsibilities and shared values. There is a high level of concern about crime, work opportunities and the environment.

But the suggestion that only two in five young workers are likely to vote in the next election is deeply worrying. Today's young people are tomorrow's employees, managers, entrepreneurs, community leaders and parents. They need to feel that they can influence policy making. We risk building a society of marginalised, cynical people who feel their energy and talents may go unused and unrewarded.


Campaign Manager

The Industrial Society

London W1