Letter: A ginkgo leaf from the poet's book

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Sir: Graham Snow, in his recent letter (27 November), wrote in praise of the female ginkgo tree. In Westminster, at the Hallfield school, there is a fine female ginkgo, 30ft tall, which produces fruit.

Although the London plane tree remains the predominant street tree of Westminster, the city council has 240 ginkgos in its care, of which 176 are planted on city streets. Nearly 150 of these have been planted in the past five years, and we plan to plant a further 25 ginkgos in the City of Westminster this planting season. There is a fine, mature ginkgo in the gardens we care for at St John's Horseferry Road.

We agree with Frances Hancock (Letters, 23 November) that the ginkgo is a fine tree to plant in city streets. It has attractive autumn colours, is susceptible to few pests or diseases, and is a distinguished feature of the city.

Yours sincerely,


Chairman of Environment

Westminster City Council

London, SW1

2 December