Letter: A historic betrayal of the Kurds: why Barzani threw in his lot with Saddam

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Sir: The embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran rebuts the baseless allegations against Iran reported in Lord Bethell's article (20 August).

It would have been appropriate for Lord Bethell to point to the range of services and facilities made available to the Iraqi-based Mujahedin- e-Khalq terrorist organisation by some countries who claim to be in the forefront of combating terrorism. Such countries have always tried to divert attention from their mistakes, misdeeds and problems by pointing their accusing fingers at others.

Official investigations in Argentina have contradicted all the accusations against Iran in connection with incidents in that country.

The United States is going through an election year. The Iran-bashing tactic has once again been adopted by US politicians in order to attract votes.


Head of Mission

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

London SW7