Letter: A historic betrayal of the Kurds: why Barzani threw in his lot with Saddam

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Sir: Hugh Pope ("US abandoned us, say Kurds", 4 September) quotes a "KDP fighter" as saying that during the clashes in Arbil, the "Mujahedin- e-Khalq" (The People's Mojahedin of Iran) accompanied forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq and the Iraqi army.

No members of the Mojahedin or the National Liberation Army, the Iranian Resistance's military arm, were involved. For years the Iranian Resistance has emphasised that in no way has it or will it ever get involved in Iraq's internal affairs. The presence of the Iranian Resistance's military arm along the Iran-Iraq frontier, hundreds of miles away from Kurdish regions, is only to overthrow the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran. The Mojahedin have no forces or bases in Iraqi Kurdistan.


Press Office, the People's Mojahedin

London NW4