Letter: A-levels: a scandalously outdated system, or an indication of excellence?

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Sir: A whole-hearted 'well done]' to all A-level candidates. The exceptionally high pass rate and high grades reveal an improving performance from today's youngsters. Immediately, the standards set by the examining boards were queried, but rapid reassurance from them leaves us in no doubt. But no one can actually admit that the schools and colleges have done an excellent job, and the youngsters have delivered the results by sheer determined hard work and dedication - not quite the layabout image so often portrayed.

Students, institutions and even parents demand well-deserved praise, but I don't hear it from the Government, the schools inspectorate or any of the other powers in the land. Do you?

Yours faithfully,




18 August

The writer is the proud mum of a successful A-level candidate.