Letter: A lower-cost family diet can still be a healthy one

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Sir: I was most intrigued by your article about Sainsbury's weekly meal. I am a single parent and have a 14-year-old son with a pretty healthy appetite. We prefer porridge or muesli for breakfast, we also eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and salad.

What amazed me was the 'cakes, confectionary, snacks and sugar' list provided by Sainsbury's, which came to the total of pounds 5.83. No way would I spend so much on such superfluous 'food': we may have a packet of plain digestive biscuits but not every week.

This sum would have bought quite a bit more fruit, which is much better for you. Most of the families complained that they felt hungry on Sainsbury's choice of food for them. Therefore, the pounds 5.83 could have got them something more substantial. Perhaps this is why we see far too many overweight people in our high streets these days. I'll stick to my own diet, thanks.

Yours faithfully,


Beckenham, Kent

16 September