Letter: A Mason - I admit it

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I AM not afraid or ashamed to declare that I am a Freemason and have been for close on forty years ("Masons escape forced exposure", 18 February).

In all that time, I have never known or heard of a Mason who derived unfair advantage from being a Mason. I have known Masons who contribute to various charities (and not only to help other Masons, as is often mistakenly stated). To be accepted as a Mason, it is a sine qua non to have a belief in a superior being. It is fairly widely known that the Duke of Kent is the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England. Do those who imply that dubious conduct exists between Masons also imply that His Royal Highness would be the head of such an organisation?

Without Freemasonry, society would be the poorer.


Thanet, Kent